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Minnesotans for Safe Driving has produced DVDs that are educational and powerful for use in Driver Education classes, Treatment Programs and Offender Diversion classes.

These DVD’s are similar to victim/offender impact panels that use stories told by the person affected by the crash as to what happened and how this crash has affected them and their families. The stories on the tape are graphic and emotional and show firsthand the tragic results of irresponsible choices made while driving, and help people realize the repercussions of their actions and how it affects others, not just themselves. The speakers are injured victims, surviving family members of fatal crashes, those who caused the crash and law enforcement who respond to the crashes.
MSD has available two different DVDs that are directed to different audiences. They are:
For young people, especially Driver Education classes 

A new Impaired & Distracted Driving DVD has just been completed. An example of each of the presenter’s messages is below. If you are interested in obtaining a full DVD please contact Sharon at our office.

  • Emilee

  • Bonnie

  • Brittany

  • Dan

Our hope is that by viewing this DVD a new awareness of the possible reality of distracted driving will encourage the viewer to make better decisions before getting behind the wheel. This DVD was made  possible by a grant from AAA Foundation Minnesota
For adults, especially treatment centers


Sometimes it’s difficult to understand and sympathize with someone who has made certain choices in their life. These choices have resulted in horrible repercussions that impact their life and the lives of others. As the saying goes “walk a mile in my shoes” and maybe you will understand; but hopefully you will never have to experience these terrible consequences. This DVD contains compelling and emotional stories told by the offenders and the victims involved in fatal traffic crashes. 
Minnesotans for Safe Driving has translated an adult alcohol related DVD in Spanish, Hmong and Russian for those who have been arrested for DWI but do not understand English well enough to attend a victim impact panel. 

These DVDs are available from our office. They can be used anywhere in the country and will be just as powerful. Call Sharon at 952-238-0970