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Minnesota Choice

As many of you know, the Minnesota CHOICE system experienced a critical incident in April 2015 that required the DOC to suspend public access to the CHOICE website.  This meant that the public (victims) are not able to use the public portal to create registrant accounts, update their accounts, or request offender notification.   The CHOICE system has continued to function in a "closed" capacity: those registrants with existing accounts continue to receive the requested notifications, and victims and others can continue to request registration, but they must do so by utilizing a temporary form.

 The temporary request for registration form is posted on the Department of Corrections victim assistance webpage.  This temporary form should be used for victims who wish to register for victim notification for offenders who are committed to the Commissioner of Corrections and are either serving sentences in a Minnesota state prison or under community supervision for a sentence that the offender was previously incarcerated for at a Minnesota state prison.  Victims wishing to receive release notification for offenders serving a sentence in county jail should continue to register through the VINE service.

 It is unclear how long the CHOICE system will remain "closed" to the public and it is unclear what the long term resolve or process will be for creating registrations and managing accounts. In the meantime, please use the temporary form provided in the website.  The Department of Corrections is working with the Department of Public Safety to develop both short term and long term plans for victim notification for DOC offenders incarcerated and under supervision. We will keep you updated as plans progress.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Department of Corrections Victim Assistance Program at 651-361-7250


Lydia Newlin

Program Director

Department of Corrections Victim Assistance and Restorative Justice

1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200

St. Paul, MN 55108