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Important Traffic Safety Links

State of Minnesota Traffic Safety and Victim Websites

Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety

Minnesota State Patrol

Towards Zero Deaths in Minnesota

A partnership of the Dept. of Public Safety, Department of Transportation & the Dept. of Health to work together to reduce deaths and injuries on Minnesota highways

Center for Transportation Studies at the U of Minnesota

A catalyst for transportation innovation through research, education, and outreach

Drivers License records

Office of Justice Programs Reparations Board

Financial Aid for Victims of crime

Crime Victim Justice Unit

Helps to achieve just, fair &equitable treatment for crime victims

Minnesota Crash Victims Memorial Site

This is a website that has stories behind the names of Minnesota crash victims

Minnesota Legislature Websites

Minnesota Legislature

Find Your Legislator

Traffic Regulations Laws

Drunk & Drugged Driving Laws

Minnesota organizations that are Traffic & Victim related

Minnesota Safety Council

Minnesota DWI Task Force

Minnesota County Attorney’s Association

Minnesota Brain Injury Assoc.

Safe Communities of Wright County

Parents of Murdered Children

Minnesota Alliance on Crime

Seeks to provide a unified voice for victims of crime and their advocates

Compassionate Friends

Grief support after the death of a child

American Bikers Awareness

American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education of Minnesota (ABATE)

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota

Edina Coalition for Grief Support
Offers grief support & education in a
non-threatening environment

Minnesota Operation Lifesaver

Dedicated to ending, deaths and injuries at

highway- rail crossings and on railroad property.


The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota

Bicycle Safety and Education Organization

Global Websites on Traffic Safety

Global Road Safety Partnership

Cycling: THINK!: Road safety in the UK

Safety Tips | Safe Kids Worldwide

Traffic safety tips from the UK category/road-safety

A white paper on teaching novice drivers in Europe





National Traffic Safety Government Websites

National Highway Traffic Safety Association

US Government website for Distractive Driving

National Transportation Safety Board


National Traffic Safety Organizations

The National Center for Excellence in Rural Safety

National Safety Council

Governor’s Highway Safety Association

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

We Save Lives

A group representing public & private sectors concerned With drunk, drugged & distracted driving

National Institute for Driver Behavior

Driver Education

Traffic Safety Network of Employees for Traffic Safety

Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety

Restaurant Industry Group

Families Against Chronic Excessive Speed

Advocates for Cell-Free Driving

A DWI Awareness Group

World Health Organization Traffic Initiative

Traffic Safety Coalition
Specializing in Photo Enforcement

AAA Foundation

AAA Newsroom

A source for automotive, travel & traffic safety information

AAA Exchange

Traffic safety information

Foundation for Advancing
 Alcohol Responsibility

Teen driving websites

AAA Teen Driving

Allstate Insurance Co.

Teen Driving Information

Progressive  Insurance Co.

Teen Driving Information

This website has all the information every parent should read before their teen starts driving. Its good info for adults too

Using this as a guide, teens and parents will have guidance on how teenagers  can operate motor vehicles safely.

Articles and Infographics on Teens and Driving

Animated Info onTeens and driving.

Research and Misc. Websites

Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Distracted Driving Foundation

To find a technical solution to eliminate texting while driving without affecting use by the passengers

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety

Research for more widespread use of in-vehicle technology to stop all impaired driving

AAA Resource for Driving laws in North America

The AAA Digest of Motor Laws is an online compendium

of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor

vehicle in the United States and Canada

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

Minnesota Prevention Resource Center

Providing information to Minnesota about preventing

alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and related violence

For Parents to learn more about Drugs and Teens

Schools for Criminal Justice Degrees

Contains extensive research of schools offering Criminal Justice degrees