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35+ Drunk Driving Statistics and Fatal Facts



With over 221 million licensed drivers on the road in the U.S., enforcing road safety is more imperative than ever. However, after much research, we found that drinking alcohol doesn’t stop millions from getting behind the wheel. But, what exactly are the facts and statistics behind drunk driving crashes?

And an even better question — why do people continue to break the law by driving under the influence when they know it’s not only irresponsible, but dangerous? Not only do drunk drivers put themselves and others in danger, but drivers must remember that car insurance rates increase after a crash and other irresponsible driving behaviors…. (read more) https://www.thesimpledollar.com/insurance/auto/drunk-driving-statistics

If you are arrested for DWI this is the booking process you will go through


The following website will list all the Minnesota DWI laws in statue

From Lost Lives to Car Insurance Hikes
What Works to Reduce the Social Costs of Drunk Driving

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