Starting in June,  Victim Impact Panels in Hennepin County  will be held virtually.

They will be held the 4th Wednesday night and the 3rd  saturday morning each month

All participants must pre register by calling 952-221-7393      cost for the participant is $25.00


Please put down your phone and just drive    Using your cell phone isn't the only distraction while driving. Be aware of all the ways that you as a driver get distracted  and make a plan for how you will eliminate them. 

 Your life and the lives of others are at risk.


Always wear your seatbelt

Our Stories


In March of this year we at Minnesotans for Safe Driving were saddened to learn about the death of one of our long time victim speaker at our panels. Jon, our founder, worked closely with Woody.

My friend Woody Lee and I spoke at impact panels and at schools and prisons all over Minnesota for 15 years. Woody was truly a one of a kind. Everyone who was lucky enough to meet him loved him. To me he was an inspiration. He had every right to be angry and bitter about what happened to him when he was young when a drunk driver hit him while he was changing a tire. He was severely injured and all his dreams for his future were eliminated. But he took his pain, physically and emotionally, and tried to make something positive come of it. Woody showed thousands of people the tragedy that can come from drunk driving. I will miss him but I am glad that all the pain he lived with for 52 years is now gone. It was a privilege and an honor to be his friend.



We are losing our future everyday on our highways. Our future leaders, our teens are being killed or injured in a higher ratio than any other age group based on miles driven. Some are causing their own death and injury through unsafe driving behavior and just plain immaturity and inexperience. Others are the innocent victims of another driver’s bad choices or criminal behavior.
These are a few stories of teens whose lives ended or were forever changed before they really got a chance to start to reach their potential.