Where do most teens get alcohol

The Best Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Teenage Drinking

If it seems like teenagers today are being bombarded with advertising and subliminal messages that encourage drinking it isn’t a figment of your imagination. Messages promoting the social benefits of alcohol consumption seem to be everywhere.  And they must be getting through. The latest statistics on underage drinking show that nearly 10 million 12- to 20-year-olds are drinking. And about 6 million young people report they are engaging in binge drinking. This data is according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. More…….  (then have them click to the article below)



Social Host Ordinances

As of February 2010, 41 cities or counties in Minnesota have passed Social Host Ordinances. A social host ordinance does not make it against the law to furnish alcohol to individuals under age 21, IT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL. The ordinance make it unlawful to provide an environment where underage drinking takes place.

Read more about social host ordinances at http://docs.sumn.org/socialhostordinancesFAQ.pdf

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