Victims Rights

Victims Rights
For victims of misdemeanor and felony crimes

Minnesota State Statue 611A provides rights and reparations to victims of traffic crashes that meet certain criteria. Please call Minnesotans For Safe Driving for more information and assistance. Our goal is to help all victims.

What can Minnesotans for Safe Driving do to help victims of traffic crashes or the families of those who die in traffic crashes?

Send to you a complete Victim Rights packet and all other pertinent
information relative to your case
Have grief materials and books available upon request
Make phone calls for you
Research and/or supply you with further information
Refer you to professionals and appropriate agencies
Assist you with your victim impact statement
Meet with a victim advocate or concerned citizen who has
experienced similar tragedy
Explain the legal process associated with your case if criminal
charges are filed
Attend all court hearings with you or for you
Be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
call 952-221-7393 for assistance


Crime Victims Rights

1.The right to apply for financial assistance for losses resulting from a violent crime. Assistance does not cover property losses. For application and information, call 651-201-7300. or outside the Twin Cities area,1-888-622-8799.
2.The right to a safe waiting area, separate from the defendant during court.
3.The right to not give your home or work address in open court unless the judge finds that this is necessary.
4.The right to take time off from work to testify without your employer disciplining you.
5.The right to be notified of the content of any plea agreement recommendation
6.The right to object to a plea agreement or proposed disposition.
7.The right to notice of changes in the schedule of court proceedings.
8.The right to request a speedy trial.
9.The right to be notified of the final disposition of the case.
10The right to attend the offender’s sentencing hearing. You may submit a victim impact statement orally or in writing at the hearing, or have the prosecutor present it orally on your behalf.
11.The right to be notified of and submit an oral or written statement, summarizing the harm suffered and the victim’s recommendation or the supervised release review hearing of certain offenders.
12.The right to request the court to order the defendant to pay for the actual loss you suffered (restitution). You have a right to ask the offender’s probation officer to request a probation review hearing if the offender fails to pay the restitution as ordered.
13.The right to know when the offender is released from custody or transferred to a minimum security setting, or if the offender’s custody status is reduced. You must request this in writing and send the request to the Commissioner of Corrections or to the head of the facility where the offender is confined. This may also be requested at time of sentencing.

Click below for Printable
PDF document of these victims rights

If you have any questions about these rights as they have been outlined here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions we are able.

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