Breanna Remer

2 weeks before her 20th birthday our oldest daughter, Breanna, was killed in a car crash shattering our lives forever.

Breanna and others were celebrating a friend’s birthday…her 21st birthday.  They had rented a “party limo” and went out to some clubs.  After the party, Breanna made the fatal mistake of driving.  Her reckless decisions of combining alcohol, driving her car while not wearing her seat belt, speeding and using her cell phone  cost her… her life.

Approximately 3:15 am Breanna lost control of her car on Hwy 694 while exiting off the ramp onto Hwy 5 in Oakdale, MN.  She rolled her car several times before striking a tree.  She was partially ejected from her car out of the passenger window and the car landed on top of her.  She was rushed to Regions Hospital where she lost her life at 5:37 am.

Every parents worst nightmare came to our home.  This once bubbly, energetic, smiley and loving girl was ripped from our lives forever causing a lot of devastation to us, her 16 year old sister Amanda, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends…

Please make a commitment to be a safe and sober driver.  No parent should ever have to bury a child!
We’ve held our little girls lifeless body in our arms…

Pam and Tim Remer

P.O. Box 187 Wayzata, MN 55391
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