Lance Ciaciura

Lance was a 28 year old married man, with a wife who at the time of his death was 9 months pregnant with their first child. He was on his motorcycle traveling back roads to avoid the congested traffic when he lost his life to a repeat traffic offender on a Friday evening in May. As a mom, I always worried about him riding his motorcycle. Ironically, he always said “don’t worry mom, nothing is going to happen to me.” And my response always was, “I know you are a safe driver, it’s the other people I worry about.” Little did I realize my fears would become reality, and our life as well as so many others would be changed forever.

Three weeks to the day of Lance’s death, his daughter was born. Lance will never be able to give her the love, comfort and security she so deserves, and she will never personally meet her daddy.

Lance had so much going for him with his new family. He was a man who loved life and people; he’d give the shirt off his back to whoever would need it. The positive influence he had on people was incredible. To this day I continue to hear stories of his generosity and his inspiration.

The young driver made a left hand turn in haste, directly in front of my son Lance and he was killed instantly. So many people’s lives changed in that instant. The driver was convicted of several misdemeanors and had to pay restitution as a result of this crash. His life went on but he didn’t seem to learn his lesson because he continues to be sighted for traffic violations. One thing I know for sure, our lives will never be the same.

Cathy Ciaciura

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