Phillip Cummings

Drunk Driving Maims,
Drunk Driving Kills….
Remembering Phillip Cummings,
killed by a drunk driver.

Phillip was a fun loving young man with a future that held so much potential. Already at 23, he had a sense of where he was going and what he wanted from life. Phillip had family, (a dad, mom and brother) who loved him very much and who he loved right back.

Phil, often arranged special places to go that were fun and spontaneous. He would just call them and say ” Hey, let’s get together.” And that is exactly what happened the night Phillip died. He had left a message for his friend Jeff asking if he wanted to take a quick trip out to the casino for fun. Jeff had been out earlier and had a couple beers so Phil being who he was, offered to be the “designated driver” for the evening. So away they went, along their way they had to detour a bit, but that surely wasn’t going to spoil their trip or fun.

When Phil exited from the freeway, he had no idea that at that same time a man in his 40s with a BAC of .25 was entering the exit ramp of that same freeway. Picking up speed he crashed head-on into Phil and Jeff. Phil never stood a chance and died right there next to Jeff. Jeff survived but suffered severe injuries and was left with an abundance of both physical and emotional pain.

The pain that doesn’t go away!

Phil did everything right that night and yet he died because another man chose to drink and drive. This kind of murder will continue until we all stand up and say “NO MORE”


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