Ron Foreman

Plymouth Police Department
Killed by a Drunk Driver!

Ron Foreman’s won National Police & Fire power lifting titles in 1990 and 1991. Sergeant Ron Foreman, retired, age 55 of Clear Lake, died when he was killed by a drunk driver.

He is survived by his wife Cindy, son Tom, daughter Paula, stepson Danny, grandchildren Kristina Marie and Brandon Lee. He is also survived by sisters Betty, Roxanne and Barb.

Joining the Plymouth Police dept in 1971, Sergeant Forman was a supervisor in the Patrol Division. One year after retiring from the police force, he was killed by the wreckless act of a drunk driver.

It was 2:16 one bright and beautiful afternoon and then a drunk driver swerved across the median on a major highway crashed into my car and took my life! As told by sister, Betty Quast

It was just one year ago that I retired from my rewarding career as a Police officer. So now was the time “my time” to do all those wonderful things that we so often put off until “retirement.” Left behind were all the memories from a very fulfilling career that had often led me to meet many special people and go to special places.

I truly loved my life and tried to cram every possible joy into each and every day.

I had my family who I loved very much, we planned to share my retirement days together, and then… there were those many special friends to visit too. Every single day was supposed to be a really good one. I had so much love to give away, so much to share. My family and friends often told me “I was a loving and caring man and so much fun to be with.” These words always made me smile both inside and out. BUT THEN.. that all changed when a drunk driver took my life and brought so much devastation and pain to those close to me.

I kept myself in very good shape by participating in a variety of sports and competitive workouts. Being athletic, I managed to do (power lifting) regularly. I always loved it when my niece would tell people “My Uncle Ron is the strongest man in the world” Called it my warm fuzzy feeling.

At this time in my life, I planned to put those finishing touches on my “street rods.” For many years I loved tinkering, working on and showing them. I loved watching the enchanted faces of those who shared my love of these “cool cars.” My heart aches now for a broken promise I made to my nephew, we were to go for a ride together in his favorite “street-rod.” We both lost that opportunity, when a drunk driver took it away from us!

One of my personal passions was to promote healing and training for anyone in need. I found my niche caring about the many that were subjected to violence and personal abuse. Throughout the years I continuously developed my “life saving skills” and was dedicated to saving lives in emergency situations whenever I could. Do you find it ironic, now that I was free to enjoy my life to the very fullest, that all these skills in the hands of others couldn’t save my life?
My life ended from the “BLUNT FORCE INJURIES” received.. when a drunk driver crashed unexpectedly into my car….

Because you are still alive… You still have the choice to NOT Drink and Drive!!!
“Be Responsible”
The life you save just may be your own or someone you truly love…

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