John Lindahl

Murder in the 2nd Degree was the charge,
however what Regina Shaddrick was put in jail
for was Criminal Vehicular Homicide. Under the
influence of alcohol, she intentionally killed
John Drew Lindahl.

“Regina laid in wait behind the wheel of her van for my son to step out through the walkway from a friends apartment. She saw John step from the entranceway, slammed on the gas and intentionally steered the front of her car at him.” In court documents she admitted there was enough time for her to swerve, to change her murderous intent, but she didn’t care. She was mad at him and wanted to punish him. She did more than punish him, she killed him.

We don’t know if she was fully aware that after the front of her van struck him, his body became lodged under the car. We don’t know if she was aware that she dragged his body over dirt, gravel and potholes for more than 100 feet, literally grinding him between the underside of the van and the road.

What we do know is that today, from jail, she refers to the killing of John Lindahl as “an unfortunate incident in my life”. . . an unfortunate incident indeed.

John Lindahl was a 1st lieutenant in the National Guard. John Lindahl was a beloved son. John Lindahl, an adored brother and a valued friend. John Lindahl, a father who adored his three children, ages 12, 14 and 16 at the time he was killed. John Lindahl, a man who served his country with honor and dignity in the highest military standard, is now being referred to as “an unfortunate incident.”

What will be missed, other than seeing his children graduate from high school and college. Other than giving his daughter away at her wedding. Other than getting the rushed phone call at 2:47am announcing that he’s just become a grandfather. What will be missed most can’t really be put into words. It was the smile his very existence put in his mothers tone, the pleasant thought that would have passed through John’s sister Lora’s mind when she saw his name on the caller ID at the end of the day. What will be missed most is every single thing!

Please take a moment to call your sister, your brother, your parents. Then take a moment before you drink any alcohol to plan your evening so you don’t take a loved person away from their family, so you don’t take yourself away from yours.

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