Mary Ellen Stanway

One very Lovely Spring Morning there was a Happy Family of 3 1/2.

Mary Ellen and Roger Stanaway were in love, were married, had one miracle daughter named Lilly, a happy beautiful youngster and were expecting their second miracle, a son. Their children were surely considered miracles because medical specialists had told Roger and Mary Ellen that they would not be able to have children.

Later that same evening:
This family consisted of only Roger and daughter Lilly.

So what happened here?

A 19-year-old reckless driver hit their minivan on the front passenger side causing it to roll over until a power pole stopped it. Mary Ellen was thrown from the van, causing- her death and that of their unborn son.

Roger, pinned behind the steering wheel needed to be air lifted to a hospital with two broken legs, shoulder and collarbone breaks. However in his blurred thoughts and pain he remembers being thankful that Lilly was unharmed.

Today Lilly is a 8-year old. She is a very bright child that at times goes into moments of silence and needs Daddy to hold her close and tight.

At a very young age she knew all about hugs, kisses, talks, nature, stories and above all LOVE. Roger misses the most wonderful person he ever got to know and love. He misses the dream of having that son for he and Mary Ellen to raise and of course the brother that Lilly could love and who would surely love Lilly.

As a reminder to everyone, Roger donated their crashed minivan to “Minnesotans for Safe Driving” to display where and when it would make an impact.

Roger and Lilly just ask that you: Please slow down and drive responsibly. Stop taking chances, Take your time getting to your destination. The life you save could be your own or someone YOU love.
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