Bobby and Angela left his place on a
Friday afternoon in February, Angela’s
life ended 15 minutes later…


The winter months had been mild leaving the roads clear and dry. Only a trace of snow could be seen in the ditches.

Making modifcations on this car was a hobby for Bobby.  He often used the internet to search for ways to get the most power out of his ‘93 Honda Civic.

Taking chances, driving too fast and passing cars had never hurt Bobby before this day. With that history in mind, he proceeded to speed and pass cars even before leaving the city limits.

As Bobby and Angela talked and enjoyed the warm weather that day, he pulled out to pass 3 cars on a curve. When it was clear to re-enter his lane, the backend of his car started to slide sideways and he lost control. The car slid across the road, passed through on-coming traffic and entered the ditch. The car, traveling at a high rate of speed, came to a stop by wrapping around a telephone pole on Angela’s side of the car.

The repercussions of Bobby’s decision to drive recklessly by taking stupid chances, speeding and carelessly passing other vehicles resulted in the death of Angela and her unborn child. Please do not forget them…. Drive Responsibly.

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