Ekik Anderson


Erik was 16 and about to start his senior year in High School and was so looking forward to life and all it held. At his age the world was at his fingertips. He had a unique gift for carpentry, loved music, his family and friends and the simple life. But instead, life offered him no future or dreams; on the morning of February 16* as a passenger in a careless driving crash, his life ended.

Unfortunately, these youngsters liked to race each other back to the school and fool around on the roads nearby. But this time one of them would pay the price for playing behind the wheel and it was Erik my only child, my son.

As the car raced at a crazy high speed to pass a car of fellow students, the driver pulled back in front of them too fast and lost control. The car spun around, airborne at this high rate of speed slamming the passenger side of the car into a line of trees snapping them down like toothpicks and flipping over a gravel road and landing upright in a ditch. The driver’s side was eerily untouched BUT Erik’s side was a mangled mess of tin.

My son lay unconscious, slowly dying while waiting for help to come. Erik was airlifted to the hospital but went into cardiac arrest before they landed. He died from massive internal bleeding of severed organs, blunt force trauma.

I will never see him graduate from high school or be apart of all the wonderful life events that mom’s look forward to sharing with their sons. In the blink of an eye, lives change forever when their loved ones needlessly die.

To all young people playing games behind the wheel, STOP, SLOW DOWN. The life you save just might be your own. Think of Erik in a casket carried by his school friends to his final resting place. It isn’t cool to kill one of your friends. Believe me, this could just as easily have been you. In death, I want Erik’s story to help teach others the true dangers of reckless driving and hopefully save lives.

I Love you forever Erik

Erik’s website is http://erikscottanderson.memory-of.com/

P.O. Box 187 Wayzata, MN 55391
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