John Keyser

My brother John was a great guy, he was 28 years old.  John had a huge heart, a huge presence and John’s death has left a huge hole in our family.

John was driving home from work on a clear and beautiful July evening when he was killed because a 17 year old chose not to pay attention to a red light.

The 17 year old and his 2 passengers did not notice that they were running a red light and they did not notice my brother’s motorcycle that was less than 20 feet away from them.  John died instantly and violently when tried so hard to stop that he was pushed in front of his motorcycle, slammed into the side of the pickup truck and then pinned between the truck and his motorcycle.  John did not deserve to die; my family does not deserve to deal with this reality everyday.

Four State Troopers came to my parent’s home that night to tell them the most devastating news a parent could hear.  Our world has been forever devastated, forever changed, my parents lost their son, my kids lost their adoring uncle and I am now an only child just because someone chose to be distracted and not pay attention when driving.

The driver of the pickup chose to be distracted, and he chose not to pay attention that night.  My brother had no choices that night; they were all taken from him in an instant.  I cannot imagine what it feels like to kill someone; it is what the 17 year old driver’s choices have sentenced him to.  He will always be the person who killed my brother.  That will not go away.

You can make the choice today to take this seriously and not have 4 troopers knock on your parent’s door to tell them that you killed someone or that you are dead.  I am asking you to take responsibility; I am asking you to make the right choice.

Missing and Loving John Always….

John’s Sister, Maureen

P.O. Box 187 Wayzata, MN 55391
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