Dave Cobb

Hey Dave, How’s it going?

“Just ducky, man”

Dave Cobb

And things really were like that for Dave. He had a girlfriend, Andrea. He had friends at school who sought him out because he was a good listener. His best friend Mike and he played music together. Basically, Dave was cool. Life was good, until one March afternoon.

It was Andrea’s birthday. Dave got out of school early to take her to lunch. He caught a ride home with Jim and an acquaintance from school. In his little Honda, Jim, going too fast following a truck too closely, jerked the wheel, lost control and sent the compact into a skid at 60 miles per hour.

They skidded for a short distance before a Ford F-150 smashed into the passenger side exactly where Dave was sitting. Dave didn’t have a chance. His head was hit directly and he was knocked out instantly. Two days later, the massive brain trauma ended this 17 years olds very young life.

Dave was my son. All the hopes and dreams our entire family and all his friends had for him vanished. All the sharing of love and good times, and all the living left to do – it was all gone in an instant. Violently ripped away.

My message to you: EASE UP! Following too closely, speeding, feeling urgent about getting somewhere and pushing the limits to get there quickly could easily cost you much more than you want to pay. Much more! Trust me, you don’t want to pay that price. Be a good example for your kids. Take a deep breath and practice cautious driving. And spread the word – irresponsible aggressive driving is deadly.

We love you Dave,
Mom, Dad, Amanda & Josh


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