Kristal Monnens

Someone Please Tell Me…

I had such a wonderful life. I had the perfect family, a great job, and awesome friends. I had three weeks left of high school and had been accepted to St. Cloud State University. My whole life was ahead of me. I wanted to do so many things, learn, teach, travel, and help other people. I didn’t deserve this, I did everything right. I was a good daughter, a good student, a great sister, a trusting friend and a proud granddaughter. Now I am heartache

I wore my seat belt, I didn’t drink, and I wasn’t even driving. On May 4th I got into a car with a 16 year old boy who just got his license. He drove too fast and carelessly. Four blocks later, my life had ended, he hit a tree. What if I had been the driver and not the passenger that night, would I still be here on earth today? I had never thought twice about getting into a car with him, he was my friend I trusted him.

What will happen now to my twin three year old sisters, who will make them muffins and hear their secrets? Who will be a big sister to my cool 15 year old brother? What about the man I was suppose to meet and fall in love with? What about the children I was suppose to have and to love? What about all the changes I could have made in this world? I had so many dreams, so much love to give. How can I just be a picture, a memory?

Life should be long;
you should never treat it carelessly.
Cherish every moment;
a moment is all it takes to end a wonderful life.

Kristal Monnens November 7, 1982 May 4, 2001

P.O. Box 187 Wayzata, MN 55391
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